the art of björn nonhoff contemporary unique powerful experiments around the question: how does art free our world ?

I do not know - In or better after the middle of life I do not really know what to say and do with my life. I did music, wrote books, worked. In my art this search for meaning and expression is reflected. So do not expect the answers. Be invited in a conversation about intimacy, life and the inability to express and experience love on deep levels existence.

self compassion – Contemporary art work


an art series by Björn Nonhoff


145cm x 155 cm

acryl on canvass

#lifelines, 2017 by the artist Björn Nonhoff


my wish for this piece of work is, that it finds a place to a well-visited museum and gallery.

Our life is taking us to planned and unplanned areas. Some of them are like wide open space, others narrow and full of stress.

 This work reflects the integration of structure and chaos. It combines words, lines,

and spaces in order to show the different meeting points between them.

Words and graffiti-like taglines point from right into the left side.

The direction in the western world where we are heading.

The search on this meaning of inner perception and truth,

together with the endless issue to get it into the own lifeline.

contemporary art by Björn Nonhoff

lifelines, Detail with words written over the lines



 by that movement, they are also losing the clarity and are getting in some fog like state.

This horizontal movement of learning is crossed by blue tears running from the top to the bottom.

some of them end in space while others are transcending the frame of the artwork.

The picture connects at the top and at the bottom with a natural flow of lines.

In the series #lifelines, this #artwork is rare with its horizontal movements from left to right,

which give an ordering structure to the emotional mixture displayed be the natural running lines.

shooting back with peace

Shooting back – contemporary artwork 2017 by Björn Nonhoff, Acryl on canvass, 220 cm x 80 cm, price: 1500,- Euro     creative process – making of the artwork shooting back The original artwork was inspired by water waves. Created in summer 2017 after a peaceful swim in the nearby lake Steinsee. In an atelier session, the tears were added and…